Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Neil Scales Buggers Off To Australia-Good Riddance.


After wasting a fortune of our money Herr Director of Miserytravel buggers off to Australia leaving a trail of financial disasters behind him.
Miserytravel under his control cut up the historic U-534 that was rescued from the bottom of a Fford.

Let loose with our money Miserytravel commissioned the Ken Dodd with a Kebab at Lime Street station.

Miserytravel even bought Ringos house

He spent £67,000,000 of your money on a folly that will never make any cash.

Used to getting his own way and spending taxpayers money he tried to gag us.

Good Riddance Mr Scales You Will Not Be Missed. All the money you wasted on your ill concieved ideas, really, could have kept quite a few Nursing Homes open.

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