Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tower of London and Palace of Westminster could lose World Heritage Status

Tower of London and Palace of Westminster could lose status

Inspectors from Unesco are to visit London next week to review the  architectural status of the Tower of London and the Palace of Westminster.
Unesco is concerned about the impact of high-rise developments in the vicinity of the two attractions, including projects such as the Shard.

A report on the Tower of London produced by Unesco this year states that the World Heritage Committee “considers that the incremental developments around the Tower over the past five years have impacted adversely its visual integrity.”
Previous reports have called for a buffer zone to be put in place to protect the tower.
Similar concerns about the Palace of Westminster were also raised earlier this year. Unesco has called for a moratorium on new projects in the area until protection is introduced for the setting of the palace.

To think the Queen is at the New Museum today, that along with the Three Black Coffins carbunculates the Liverpool World Heritage Site.

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