Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The One Show, This Friday-Features, The Risk Of Liverpool Losing its World Heritage Site Status.

Its always bloody freezing doing any filming connected with the Liverpool WHS wth most of it being in such an exposed and windy location.
But such is the importance of the cause of saving the Liverpool World Heritage Site, I have to do it.
We are grateful for the topical magazine "The OneShow" taking an interest in the risk of Liverpool losing its WHS status and it should go out on Friday.
Paul Brant the Deputy Leader of Liverpool City Council will be on, peddling the usual City Council untruths and derogatory remarks about there being controversy when the Liver Buildings were built, trying to substantiate the carbunculation of the Pier Head with unsubstantiated remarks. Another Labour Councillor wanting to let Peel Holdings lose Liverpool the coveted accolade that puts us up there with the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids.
Lets hope the BBC dont fall for this once again as they always seem to do.

The reality is that this is the town that knocked down the Cavern Club and then called itself Beatles City.
This is the City that gets a Mercantile and Maritime World Heritage Site title that any other place would be proud of and then plans to build Shanghai-On-Mersey.

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