Saturday, 12 November 2011

Where Is The Liverpool World Heritage Site?

Well don't ask Damien, John Hinchliffe, The World Heritage Officer's press Officer.
I went to do a live show for Radio 5 live Drive after work, and he accompanied John Hinchliffe, for some strange reason?
They were warming themselves up for the live chat slide the play bar to 1;48 to listen and I turned to Damien and asked him "Damien can you tell me where the World Heritage Boundaries Are"
He looked at me and stuttered "Errr"
"I am only asking a simple question" and repeated it,
"No" he said
"Isn't that a strange thing that the World Heritage Site Officer's, Press Officer does not know where it is, and wasn't it a request that Unesco made that the public at large should be informed by the Liverpool City Council as to its boundaries its principles and Architects and developers should be informed on its Overall Universal values so that protection can be afforded to it".

I don't know how john Hinchliffe can show his face with the mess that has happened while he has stood by and watched...idly.

I was out on a horrendous Mersey Ferry trip an hour before listening to the godawful commentary that you cant get away from, with Nick Ravenscroft. This was an interview to be broadcast on P.M radio 4 on Monday.
"Yes and this week they will roll out all the press power they can we may even see the elusive world heritage officer............whose press officer doe not even know where the world Heritage site is.
No you couldn't make it up.

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