Friday, 4 November 2011

Ron Van Oers-How Can He Show His Face Again In Liverpool?

In November 2006 A Unesco Monitoring Mission came to Liverpool at our request. The mission of two, were Michelle Bonnette and Ron Van Oers.

I had a meeting with them for 15 minutes after a long conversation in Municipal Buildings with Florence Gersten who was wrongly excluded.
She asked me to hand them documents she had written from her vast knowledge.
Then directly after, a delegation of four from the Merseyside Civic Society led by Peter Brown, who later announced that he was a supporter of the Man Island black coffins went in.
Pat Moran was part of the delegation as was anther member who I would later find out was one of the people representing the MCS who would also be representing a owner of property that would be directly affected by the Mann Island and museum proposals.
If you recall the Liverpool Museums had to pay £750,000 for loss of (our) views to one developer that owned property at the Pier Head.
So the Itinerary stated that the City Council Limousine picked the mission up, and the council afforded them meetings in quick fire successions that were presentations and led them around like poodles.
There was a lot riding on this mission but Ron & Co let us down badly.
They said that the Mann Island proposals would not affect the Overall Universal Value of the World Heritage Site………….How wrong can they be.
We were hoping that Unesco, as a last resort would advise the council against its plans that were funded by the NWDA and sponsored by Liverpool Vision, (Joe Anderson was and is a member) who employed the deplorable October Communications, now Aurora Media to come up with a publicity drive.
Jon Egan used all his skills to slime as many articles into the paper to Larry Neild, the then City Editor who now works for Egan.
Larry Neild won an award from Downtown Liverpool In Business, and guess who does their media now.
October Communications lined up presentations with Icomos UK, the City Council then become a corporate member. Heard nothing from them this time.
Now they have asked if I can attend with Peter Brown, and Ian Wray who was a planner for NWDA….not a chance.
And to think, John Hinchliffe (world heritage waste of space) is organising it.

What a joke.
The UK Government then funded Unesco in 2007 to a tune of 16% of their budget for the year. Were they bought off?
One of the problems was that English Heritage were supporting the proposed schemes…………while Sir Neil Cossons the then Chairman of English Heritage was working for Liverpool Museums. You couldn’t make this up
So Ron you have been sent back to Liverpool on the 14th to 16th November to see what has been done at the Pier Head……….will you be big enough to say you made a mistake? Will you make a statement to say so?
How can the OUV not have been effected by building three black coffins a Terminal Ferry Carbuncle and a carbuncle Museum n the WHS.
Unesco, have a new Chairman let’s hope they are not as thick as the last one.
This time English Heritage have published an independent report into the damning effects Liverpool Waters will have on the World Heritage Site.

Lets hope that Ron Van Oers does not allow the council to blindfold him and lead him around like a shopkeepers dummy………like in 2006.

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