Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Should Mark Thomas The Editor Of The Daily Post, Be Thatched?

What do they want us to do?

Thatch some of the skyscrapers, perhaps?

Just when you think you are getting somewhere with an argument it gets the Daily Post Editors treatment, and decends into the same old usual chip paper rubbish.
I had thanked the paper for the balanced debate that has been afforded to the Unesco Mission, but yesterday the true colours of the editorial stance show. The "Daily Post says"
Will this dullard approach from the local editor, it is no wonder that the Pier Head has been decimated.Their true colours shine through really. It is they that live in the past not us.

If they think that losing your best asset, world heritage, status by becoming one of Peels Poodles is the future then they are wrong.
OUR HISTORY IF PROPERLY MANAGED IS OUR FUTURE. We are not living in the past we are looking to the future, it is the dullards who cant see further than their own concieted views, that are twisted by the circle in which they move, that need thatching.
 To have an uneducated approach to such an important matter really does not help the argument it aims at the lowest denominator present in the city.

David Bartlett had been, I feel, doing his best to keep this important news item on the straight and narrow.
He did not write the opinion. Once again I thank David Bartlett for his hardworking coverage, but as for the editor, Mark, you need to go and take a long hard look in the mirror and wait for the smoke to clear, then tell us what you see..........bloody 'ell it's Frank McKenna.

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