Thursday, 24 November 2011

STOP PRESS-Liverpool Daily Post is now the Daily Ghost.

It all started when they shipped out the printing presses to Oldham.
Barging Liverpool jobs out of the city down the Manchester Ship Canal.

Alastair Machray has let a lot of people go, some skilled and with the experience of decades of writing, with a knowledge of the locality that would be hard to replace.
They local press are now helping drum up a campaign to create Liverpool jobs by building Liverpool Waters.
And thus losing the World Heritage Site.
All this empty rhetoric after Peel Holdings are building Port Salford....and barging jobs down the Mersey, right under the noses of the local press.
While this current editorial team have been employed, they have cheered and supported every tacky scheme to carbunculate the World Heritage Site, while lunching with the press officers of the companies that were telling them, its all gonna be Ichonic.
Lets hope this switch to a weekly makes them think long and hard about the need to bring a bit of class into the local debate instead of the usual uninformed dullard approach and plumping for the council.
I don't like to see anyone lose their job, and have excellent relations with quite a number of employees, of the Post and Echo, but those who have been hiding behind the Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors at Oldham Hall Street should now look at the way they are viewed by the public and realise, what if nobody buys the Liverpool Weekly that will replace the Daily Post. Then it really will be the Daily Ghost.

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