Monday, 14 November 2011

Unesco Have Landed! Ready For The Liverpool City Council Smooze Assault.

Last Fridays Independent carried an article by Andrew Rosthorn entitled;
 Is Liverpool World Heritage status in ruins?
It is worth a read click on the links

Todays Daily Post sees David Bartlett keeping up on things happening regarding the mission.

The Daily Post Opinion does not come down either way

David Bartlett prints: The list of people expected to meet the mission: Roll out all the usual supsects
Liverpool City Council
Councillor Joe Anderson - leader of the Council
Councillor Malcolm Kennedy - Heritage Champion and Member for Regeneration and Transport
Councillor Wendy Simon - Member for Culture
Ged Fitzgerald - Chief Executive
Nick Kavanagh - Director of Regeneration
Mark Kitts - Assistant Executive Director
Mark Loughran - Development Control Manager
Peter Jones - Development Control Manager for Liverpool Waters
Rob Burns - Urban Design Manager
John Hinchliffe - World Heritage Officer
Keith Blundell - Tourism Manager
Steve Corbett - Conservation Manager
Chris Griffiths - Buildings at Risk Officer
Peter Hoey -Townscape Heritage Initiative Officer

English Heritage
Henry Owen-John - NW Regional Director
Graeme Ives - Historic Areas Advisor
Christopher Young - Head of World Heritage

Department for Culture Media and Sport
Paul Blaker - Head of World Heritage

World Heritage Site Steering Group
Ian Wray - Liverpool University and Chair
David Fleming - Director of National Museums Liverpool
Jenny Douglas - City Centre Development Manager, Liverpool Vision
John Belchem - Liverpool University
Maresa Molloy - Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Peel Holdings
Lindsey Ashworth - Development Director
Ian Pollit - Development/Investment Surveyor
Peter de Figueiredo - Historic Building Consultant
Keith Nutter - Planner at White Young Green
Martin Bailey - Planner at White Young Green
Adrian Griffiths - Architect at Chapman Taylor
Peter Swift - Landscape Architect/Urban Designer at Planit IE

The Mersey Partnership
Rod Holmes - Chairman

Liverpool Vision
Max Steinberg - Chief Executive
Mike Taylor - Deputy Chief Executive
Ian McCarthy - North Liverpool Manager
Richard Tracey -N Liverpool Development Officer
Claire McColgan - Director of Culture
Graham Boxer - Head of Arts, Heritage and Participation

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Jack Stopforth - Chairman

Merseyside Civic Society
Peter Brown
Trevor Skempton

Liverpool Football Club
Ian Ayre - Managing Director
The Bluecoat
Alistair Upton - Director


Robert Nadler - Director of Base2Stay
Steve Parry - Director of Neptune Developments
Chris Bliss - Managing Director of Liverpool One
Susan Dunn - ICOMOS UK

Wayne Colquhoun - Liverpool Preservation Trust
David Swift
FG- Florence Gersten - Save Our City

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  1. Ugh. I hope culture doesn't deteriorate in Liverpool. Last time I was staying at Liverpool city centre hotels, there was so much to see, all of it so nice for the eyes and soul. Awaiting more news!