Wednesday, 16 November 2011

John Hinchliffe Tries To Shaft Us.

We predicted it was going to be a whitewash and that's what the World Heritage Officer tried.

We have it down in writing, how the meeting was to be formulated, but when we got there the double dealing Hinchliffe tried to direct us into a forum.
"You have had years to organise debates and you want one now today, there is not a chance"
Ian Wray of the world heritage steering group says "I am the chair"
"I am the table, I said, and I will not be going into any meeting being led by a council poodle"

I had already told Trevor Skempton and Peter Brown of the Civic Society, who do not have a remit on this matter, from the group, as this has not been a meeting to discuss it, I am reliably informed, that I would not be setting foot in any room with them.
David Swift stood his ground with me. Florence Gersten was already upstairs, she had been excluded from any meetings until we complained.
So Hinchliffe, who has sat shuffling paper for 5 years, now wants to turn into a negotiator.
"Not a chance" I told him "We are not being pushed around in a pram by you, like you did last time"
Hearing the noise and me throwing my arms around and telling Hinchliffe. "Not a chance, full stop you are not going to stifle what I have to say and we will only meet the inspectors privately"
Ron Van Oers who we met last time in the 2006 visit came over and said just as I said "That it I am going" waving my hands.
"Would you like a private meeting"..............."Yes"............"We will come down and see you shortly"

Hinchliffe said "Oh yes we have a spot ICOMOS UK have not turned up"
"Are there any reports on Liverpool Waters from ICOMOS UK", I asked him
"Errrr not sure, there may be", he waffled
"Of course the City Council joined them as a corporate member did they not"
"Err maybe"
So Hinchliffe, the double dealer had been telling all that the meeting was to be transparent, yet Peter de Figeuirido, the 'Opinion for hire' now working for Peel, was with the party at the Pier Head.
(He was the historic buildings advisor for English Heritage once, therefore a colleague of Henry Owen-John.
 Owen John was there, as was Graham Ives "You probably has seen my name on various reports"
Yes far too many I thought I would not trust you as far as I could throw John Hinchliffe.

The mission came downstairs, and asked us some questions about who we represent, then we told them we don't recognise any steering group and cannot trust the MCS, and told them the reasons, we advised them that Hinchliffe is a total waste of space will do anything his paymasters tell him...........and that last time you were here.......Mr Van Oers.......... you let us down badly, I told him that he failed to grasp the gravity of the situation, when the Black Coffins were under planning, The City Council then under Warren Bradley promised to protect the World Heritage Site.
"If I remember rightly there were three, the Ferry Terminal the museum and Mann Island"
"You needed to be stronger and give advice, they are all carbuncles, if that's not affecting the Outstanding Universal Value then what is" I told him. 
"We had to compromise English Heritage were in support of it"
"Yes but I told you their Chairman Sir Neil Cossons was working for the Liverpool Museums and they had promised him a steam train exhibition to curate, and Loyd Grossman the ex chair was he Museums Chair of NML"
He went on to give a long explanation and I looked at him along with Patricia Alberth and Mr Barbato who said nothing, and said
"You made a major mistake that we have to live with for ever, you got it badly wrong"
He was a bit shaken and said "Look I can assure you this time we will not be making any mistakes, this is very serious"
David Swift had handed them a print run of pictures of the Mann Island and Pier Head before and after, and there it was plain as day, architectural vandalism had occured.

Hinchliffe then came in and asked if we could finish the meeting as there was others waiting upstairs
"You have had 20 minutes"

He's so kind, the double dealing waste of space that is supposed to be employed to protect World Heritage not roll over like a fluffy poodle, and have his belly tickled by any Spiv or Speculator that wants to build anything in the World Heritage Site.

Todays paper sees Joe Anderson proclaiming we will protect our heritage.....look what we did to the Bluecoat...............knocked down Herbert Tyson Smiths Workshop, that was intact and created a plastic palace.............Warren Bradley, now Joe Anderson, Its Dumb and Dumber.

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