Monday, 21 November 2011

Do Peel Holdings Have The Money To Develop Liverpool Waters?

That is a question that needs a long hard look at.
Would a Chinese investor even consider investing in the Euro-Zone at the moment knowing that the currency could, or may implode?

What is the Financial Gearing that Peel Holdings have at the Banks at present?

Would the Roschild's Invest in a company that wants to build tens of thousands of appartments on Liverpool Waters when the same company (or subsiduary) has plans passed on Wirral Waters for ten thousand appartments?
Who is going to live in them all?
We congratulated Peel for wanting to develop Wirral (not a stone been laid yet).
But its not a World Heritage Site.

Is this just a planning permission exersice so that John Whittaker the tax exile living in the Isle Of Man, who owns 60% of Peel, can top up his pension pot?

In order to get the level of Chinese cash out of the country, when China feels threatened by the global economic downturn, to invest in Liverpool Waters, you need a lot of power, Peel may think themselves powerful, but they are not that big. 

In the meantime we have a City Council under the stewardship of Joe Anderson, (who is far too close to Peel Holdings), that needs to stop and take a look at the full gravity of the situation, instead of spinning another one just like the other one.........because we no longer believe you understand what you are doing with Our World Heritage, Mr Anderson.
Unesco is like a lumbering Elephant, but when they fall on you you get squashed.

Imagine the embarrasment of losing the World Heritage Site?

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