Thursday, 10 November 2011

Merseyside Civic Society Are To Meet The Unesco Monitering Mission-Why?

Its Peter Brown and Trevor Skempton..what a joke, rolled out by the council in order to help them establish they are having a consultative exercise and not the whitewash they are intending to carry out next week when three Unesco delegates visist Liverpool. They did the same the last mission came here in 2006

Peter Brown said this about the Three Black Coffins on Mann Island. in an article written by Willian Leece and Peter Elson
Peter Brown, chairman of Merseyside Civic Society, personally feels that the Mann Island scheme is a good one, although other society members disagree.

“I’ve been quite happy with the way it’s been handled and the final outcome. It would have been better if there was a masterplan, but in its absence this is the best scheme.
“My view is that it complements both the new museum and the Pier Head Three Graces.
“The new Mann Island blocks are square and black, so it’s a stark contrast with the white of the sloping new Museum of Liverpool and the classicism of the Three Graces.
“I think it’s a mistake to keep a ‘fire free’ zone between Albert Dock and the Pier Head. There is a need for financial stimulation in that area and to show entrepreneurial skills.
“The scheme offered the prospect for this and the architects worked it out well. They also managed to exceed their brief and more views of the Three Graces were retained than was proposed. I appreciate that the principal view from the south is obstructed, but none of these buildings were planned as a group, nor was it expected that these views would not be built across.
“We need a modern statement to showcase the aspirations of this city.
“It’s all consistent with what was proposed.”
BBC Radio Merseyside article at the time

Tony Moscardini was always a solid rock and he is excluded from this MCS meeting with Unesco it seems.

I recall meeting Trevor Skempton when he was employed by the City Council to persuade the planning commttee that One Park West the 4th place Carbuncle Cup entry for 2009 was good gor the city.
So why is he repesenting the Merseyside Civic Society and its members views?

Roll out the barrels...........

The World Heritage Steering Group will meet the Unesco mission here is the secret list of names of the group that steers...........what?

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