Monday, 12 December 2011

St Andrews Church-Should Liverpool City Council Be In Charge Of Our History?

Months ago I wrote of the risks to letting Liverpool City Council look after our historic past.

I have watched as St Andrews Church has been left to decay to a shell of its former state while we are told about Regeneration... by the Council Con Merchants, who keep telling us how well we are all doing from their leadership, when in reality, and in my opinion, the whole system is corrupted.

Two years ago I asked questions about why the council had not issued proper repairs order on all the Buildings on the English Heretics at risk register.

I asked why they have put a shed on top of the Rodney Street building.

It now seems that they are trying to sell the building, or may have done so.
Will this historic building now be knocked out to some shady property developer turned into flats or even touted as a timeshare.
We are making enquiries. Watch this space.

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