Thursday, 22 December 2011

A World Heritage Site Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas.

Awaiting a Unesco report, The Spivs running the city must be nervous.
Like good little Peel's Poodle's they have gone headlong into a Cultural Back Alley on their behalf.
It shows up, what the likes of Joe Anderson, with his property speculators  moll Frank McKenna, and his friends at Downtown Liverpool, who as representative for what Private Eye's 'Piloti' calls "the sinister Peel Holdings" really want, a free run on our heritage.
Through all the binge build years we have now woken up with a hangover.
And they still want more.
We dont have a planning officer convenient.
Councillor Malcolm Kennedy, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, who despite being in the paper everyday, has regenerated.......well a road for Peel Holdings, using up nearly all the road repair budget for the year in the process. 
Really don't Peel have to spend any money?
Do we have to fund their business dealings?
Is Joe Anderson too close to Peel Holdings?
Will John Hinchliffe the World Heritage Bungler be sacked?
Will The Cruise Liner Jetty balls up, be settled and will they, wrongly, stop blaming Southampton for it?
Will the local editors Alastair Machray and Mark Thomas be sacked? 
Instead of them blaming everyone else for the lack of job creation, while sacking half the workforce at Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group and shipping out the printing presses to Oldham. They should hide their heads in shame.

These are just a few of the searching questions that will be continued to be asked in the New Year.

We wish all our colleagues, friends and fellows who are interested in solving the problems that a city corrupted and poisoned by the spivs lurking behind the scenes create, A very Merry Xmas.

If we have upset you during the last year............well tough, you must have deserved it.  

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