Monday, 9 January 2012

Peel Holdings submit a planning application for a Cruise Liner Terminal in the Liverpool Waters Scheme.

So while Joe Anderson the Council leader is supporting the scheme for Liverpool Waters he is also openly supporting a Cruise Liner Terminal that Peel Holdings want to build..........that is a conflict of interests against the City's own Cruise Liner facility that is largely redundant and not fit for purpose.
Joe Anderson is openly supporting, saving the Cruise Liner operation, after the debacle where the Liverpool City Council cocked up the whole legal process of obtaining a going concern, for the city, by not having the ability to start and finish Ocean Cruise's from the Pier Head berthing, because European grant aid was used and this is in contravention to all EU competition laws.

Joe Anderson with his usual playground bully tactics then picked a fight, wrongly blaming Southampton, for blocking it when it is due legal process that stops it not another port. Imagine if European funding was used to build a car plant in North Wales that directly affected car plant assembly workers at Halewood.
This is what European laws are meant to stop from happening. If you have a city council who are dim enough not to understand this then the outcome is "A Cruise Liner Cock up" where it turns into a Navy jetty, instead of a usable facility.
So we put forward an idea to the local press to start a campaign in the Daily Post.
To campaign to Save Our Cruise Capacity, and this was taken up with great gusto by Peter Elson the local shipping correspondent.
Despite some terrible reportage by some at the paper, Peter has done quite well.............but he has not used all the facts. Wayne told him years ago that Peel Holdings who have the baggage handling and Customs facility at Langton Dock are set to undermine it all by building their own Cruise Liner Facility, and potentially making ours, that we paid, for out of public funds, redundant. 
So here is the application and the genie is now well and truly out of the bottle. Not only do they want to build a new cruise liner facility, but a new city centre, no wonder Grosvenor, who own Liverpool One (Grosvenor-pool) are worried.
Building right over Trafalager Dock that was filled in with the rubble from Chavasse Park, ironicly.
 Its about time that the Daily Post and Echo started telling the public as to exactly what is taking place and stopped the smoking mirrors.
One of the people who had great concern, about this matter, above and beyond the call of duty, was of course Peter Elson, who has now been pushed out by a dying regime who we cant trust with the truth.
This is most unfortunate and a detriment to anyone involved with Maritime heritage in the city. They could always rely on Peter to be first on board.
Southampton have requested that the European money is paid back by Peel Holdings the Port Authority..............but they will not do this while planning to build a Cruise Liner facility of their own, and of course they have the customs facility on their land that they wont give up.
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