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Is Joe Anderson The Biggest threat To Liverpools Skyline Since The Lufftwaffe.

"World Heritage Status Is just a badge on the wall in the Town Hall" he says.  How does a city manage to elect a council leader with such a lack of culture?
He said in a published article on the 2nd January that Peel Holdings Liverpool Waters is worth sacrificing the World Heritage Site for. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2012/01/02/liverpool-council-leader-joe-anderson-says-city-would-sacrifice-world-heritage-status-for-liverpool-waters-scheme-in-new-year-report-100252-30044864/
LIVERPOOL council leader Joe Anderson today used his New Year report to reaffirm his commitment to the £5bn Liverpool Waters transformation of the city’s waterfront, despite it potentially coming at the price of losing the city’s World Heritage Site status.
The Labour councillor highlighted the benefits of north docklands regeneration citing the possible creation of 20,000 jobs and complete transformation of a large deprived area of north Liverpool.
A recent inspection by a UNESCO committee revealed the very real danger that the organisation’s opposition to parts of the project could scupper the city’s heritage status
But Cllr Anderson made clear his priorities for 2012. He said: “Turning Peel Holdings (the developer) away doesn’t say to the world that Liverpool is a thriving modern city. It says we’re a city that is stuck in the past.
“You really do need to see the scale of this project to understand just how much impact it could have.
“This, very simply, would transform our city. It is too big an opportunity to let slip by.
“The city’s leading Lib-Dem, Richard Kemp, says that World Heritage Site status is more important than the Liverpool Waters Scheme.
“The Lib-Dem would turn away 20,000 jobs and £5bn of regeneration, all for the sake of a certificate on the wall in the Town Hall.
“I say that’s madness. Whatever happens in 2012, let me be absolutely clear about one thing: we will back Liverpool Waters.”

 http://www.thebusinessdesk.com/northwest/news/180198-scrap-heritage-site-status-if-waters-is-threatened-says-dlib.html The speech seems reminiscent of a previous outburst by Frank McSpiv. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2010/11/joe-anderson-sitting-far-too-close-to.html

Are they far too close?

Or is it Pearls before swine? http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2011/03/liverpools-world-heritage-site-pearls.htmls

This is the town that knocked the Cavern Club down lets not forget.
In the name of progress it was claimed.
Send in the Clowns. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2012/01/unesco-warn-liverpool-for-final-time.html Unesco say the scheme would destroy the OUV of the WHS.

Cllr Anderson has quite a lot of business buddies, for sure, his friends at Downtown Liverpool in business seem quite important to him.
DLIB members Peel Holdings seem to have some hold over him.http://blogs.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/dalestreetblues/2011/11/joe-anderson-and-max-steinberg.html He went to Frank McKenna's Xmas do where another old labour Dinosaur, Derek Hatton turned up.

 This was in Cllr Gary Millars gaff in Parr Street. http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2011/09/councillor-gary-millar-set-to-make.html
Remember Derek Hatton and his power grab, is history repeating itself?.
In the 80's when Hatton and his fellow militant conspirators who hijacked the labour party did more damage to the image of Liverpool than the Toxteth riots did. At least the rioters got the Albert Dock restored when the spotlight turned to those inner cities.
Remember how overnight he, as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, sent in the  bulldozers to destroy the Georgian quarter of Clayton Square, a listed Conservation area with numerous grade II listed buildings of character and of architectural note. Is history repeating itself.
This, it was alleged in the Sunday Times was when he was acting as a "consultant" to the developers.
 It is now a third rate shopping centre that has little character. it needed the Times to investigate the things that everyone in Liverpool knew, right in front of the labour card carrying reporters at the Daily Ghost and the local Echo.
Joe"Your Scum" Anderson http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.com/2011/12/joe-anderson-youre-scum.html now seems content to assist Peel Holdings in the decimation of the character of what makes Liverpool a Mercantile and Maritime world heritage Site.
Is it because of the huge investment in the destruction of Liverpool's World Heritage Site he has made with them...............that we the ratepayer paid for.
 Is it because he became quite friendly with Lindsay Ashworth of Peel while over in Shanghai that cost us the ratepayers over a million quid.
Joe Anderson is about to become the latter day Herman Goering and knock the bollox out of the city, or whats left of the soul of the world heritage site, that the last lot of corrupted Fib-Dem balloons didn't get.
Capital of Culture you really are having a laugh.

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  1. In answer to your question, yes. In more ways than one...