Friday, 20 January 2012

All Saints Childwall-Gets the Private Eye treatment.

Private Eye the national satirical magazine take an interest in Liverpool again, there is no shortage of work to do. This time it is the mess surrounding All Saints Childwall. 'Piloti' has ago at the Liverpool Church (gravesmashers anonymous) who want to do more damage to bodies of people who probably paid to be buried there.                        Meanwhile reknowned turncoat Rex Makin seems to be critical of Private Eyes 'Pilot' he says in his column this week;

THE late Sir Richard Foster, the first director of Museums, Liverpool, did a wonderful job and enlarged the museum area by taking in the old Polytechnic building in Byrom Street.
The new additional museum at the Pier Head was the subject of a savage attack recently in a leading satirical magazine. Some of its criticisms were felt by others, particularly over the direction, but figures speak louder than words and the museum has enjoyed the same popularity as its predecessor, turning in record numbers to become one of the most popular tourist attractions. However the numbers should not avoid legitimate criticism, of which there is some, but not expressed in the original vicious way it was in the satirical magazine.
How two faced can one be, he, has been one of the biggest critics of the new museum and of the current Director Dr David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming making stinging attacks. Now he appears to swop sides....again.
Who pays the piper plays the tune, unfortunatly. You have to laugh at people like this.
Rex Makin was Trevor Jones solicitor. Private Eye have often taken an interest in Liverpool Read this article with an edition of the New Statesman and a little slice of history it really does say a lot.

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