Thursday, 12 January 2012

No More Tall Ship Events For Liverpool. Wellington Dock to be filled in.

This is the projection for the plans to go ahead for Wellington Dock Waste Treatment Plant.
courtesy of the Daily Ghost
This is a World Heritage Site. The plans were passed despite a report from Unesco pending.
A separate presentation was made to Ron Van Ours and Patricia Alberth on the recent monitoring mission. The plans were passed and it was said by Mark Loughran the acting planning manager that Ron Van Oers said it was alright. What!!!!!!!!! Why did they not wait for the report then.
What he never said being the council poodle that he is, is, that if these plans were to go ahead we will no facility for the Tall Ships Events of the future as this is the only Dock that will take the depth of the larger ships.
Really clever this, proclaiming your future is in tourism because Peel Holdings want the Docks moved to Salford and you fill in your best asset.
John Sutton of the Daily Ghost is too ill informed as he is only a junior to know the significance of this in his.....errrm, well could you really call it reporting. But the editor should know as Peter Elson has published the fact in the paper.
So just when you think you are getting somewhere and creating a debate they throw a red herring in and it will go unnoticed as this is in a restricted Peel Holdings.
 This story was made into a good news story stating it will create hundreds of jobs. How many will it lose in the long term?
Liverpool The City that knocked down the Cavern Club and then called itself Beatles City then it becomes a Mercantile and Maritime World Heritage Site and fills in the only dock that can take a proper Tall Ships Event.

You couldn't make this up.

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