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Unesco Warn Liverpool For The Final Time!

Wayne was asked by Larry Neild of Liverpool Confidential to put a piece forward for inclusion in a piece about UNESCO. Joe Anderson.........tries to reposition himself from his "Cosy" relationship with Peel Holdings.
I see this damning Conclusion to the Unesco report as a major opportunity to withdraw the planning application and get Peel Holdings to go back to the drawing board and to give to the city, what the people of Liverpool deserve. A regeneration scheme fit for the future that we can stand behind, that will create jobs.
If Peel Holdings are serious, and its not a planning permission flip, why wont they give us something we can be proud of. Why do they want to build Milton Keynes-On-Sea, what is the point in that.
It is Amsterdam that we should be looking to for inspiration and how they have developed an urban landscape that interacts with its historic waterways. This report is damning and it insists that Liverpools historic waterways should not be filled in, as that would ruin the Outstandung Universal Value. Despite that, plans for Wellington dock, that will mean no more tall ships for Liverpool were recently passed just ahead of the deliverance of the report.
In 2006 Unesco told the UK Government that Liverpool had to draw up a supplementary planning document that protected it from future administrations and their links with developers.This was ratified by the city council in 2009 and this gives us as a city, all the planning protection we now need. Planning guidance PPG 15 lays down government policies for the historic environment this city council were about to breach every rule in the book. Why?
We are as a city chjarged with managing the WHS not destroying it.
No one wants the regeneration of the historic docks more than I, all my life I have waited for it, but the intelligence of those in charge is sadly lacking the class that befits the qualities required to be a World Heritage City in the 20th Century. We will create more jobs for future generations if we respect that our history is our future. My father was a docker and I ask "Why are Peel Holdings shipping jobs to Port Salford and who is going to fill the glass shoeboxes they want to put in its place"? We need jobs but there is room for regeneration and the right job creation why not just turn Liverpool into a giant Tesco and be done with it.
What is alarming, in my view is the "Cosy" relationship between the developer and the city council.
The people of Liverpool are being denied their right to exercise their views by a compliant council who are sponsoring Peel Holdings and have hijacked the planning procedure.
I recall the last Labour administration bulldozing Clayton square, a historic listed Georgian quarter, in the name of progress.
Remember this is the town ,that knocked the Cavern Club down, then called itself Beatles City.
And gets a world heritage site status and then sets about ruining it.
World Heritage Site status is not a badge on the wall of the town hall, Joe Anderson says it is.
No it is much more than that, it is an honour to be bestowed and if managed will create jobs for our city.
With such a title that puts us up there in the top tier of world class cities. Why risk it, why chance the embarrasment, why drop an architectural timebomb on the city. Trafford Park-On-Sea.
The city council under Joe Andersons leadership now have to understand who they represent and curb the arrogance of Peel Holdings.
The city council need to take note of all the damning recomendations and insist this current backdated planning application is withdrawn and is taken back to the drawing board, whats another couple of months, before it costs the city a million pounds in public inquiry.

Mission’s Conclusion and RecommendationThe mission concludes that if the proposed Liverpool Waters scheme as outlined during the mission would be implemented, the World Heritage property would be irreversibly damaged, due to
 a serious deterioration of its architectural and town-planning coherence, a serious loss of historical authenticity, and an important loss of cultural significance. It strongly recommends that the three principal stakeholders, being Liverpool City Council, Peel Holdings and English Heritage, reconvene around the table and work out an adjusted scheme that includes the observations put forward in this report.
Joe Anderson on the 2nd January on scrapping WHS status.

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