Thursday, 15 December 2011

Joe Anderson-"You're Scum".

Spot the scum as Uncle Joe Anderson, our Council leader, pops into the Echo Arena for a Jolly day out, shouting at people outside "You're Scum.
It seems to me that he should have considered this term when representing the council.
The Council are currentlty dealing with convicted fraudsters.
Marc Waddington, Yesteday, did a fantastic expose on how St Andrews Church has been sold to a "Cosy" Council developer for a quid. 

This is what one of our preffered bloggers (If he does not get comprimised) says on the matter.
In a post he calls letting the real scum off the hook.

Joe Anderson seems to be appearing on video rather often of recent days David Bartlett has a rather interesting video on his blog, of Joe Anderson at Downtown Liverpool (Frank McKenna) Christmas Party, at fellow Councillor Gary Millars place Parr Street Studios.

It must be Xmas because a real Turkey pops its head up............Yes Its our Friend Derek Hatton, who while leading the council knocked a whole Georgian Quarter around Casey Street down.
You must watch it.

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