Monday, 5 December 2011


You chip away trying to put an argument forward showing what we will lose if World Heritage Site Status is removed.
But it is always being undermined by the local media with their close links to developers and their misguided principles.
The Spiv lobby, partly made up of previous redundo's and outcasts who now hawk their wares around the local reporting media seem to get their way far too often.
Take Mark Thomas............please,will someone take the editor of the Daily Post, and explain to him some principles.
 My opinion is that he has been tainted and having had such a hard time,  he thinks if he hides below the water line and administer the sackings nobody will notice.
Whilst claiming in writing, in the paper that we as campaigners are costing jobs he slashes them on behalf of his employers who shipped out all the printing presses to Oldham.
Some people need to take a hard look at themselves.
Today's opinion goes on about creating jobs by giving Peel Holdings planning permission to trash the World Heritage Site, while he is the grim reaper at the Daily Post dishing out redundancy money to anyone who will take it.
I spoke to David Bartlett Thursday last and advised him of a threat to London and he first said we cant do anything about this. Then he phoned me back and said " Oh yes we can now" I knew it was going to be a stitch up job at Editor level. Davids piece was alright.

so it is a case of keeping the local press informed, but I think that is about it now.

But the extremists at the Daily Ghost lead me to think that they are in on all this and the local media are far too close to the developers and local groups of Spivs such as Downtown Liverpool who Joe Anderson is far too close to also.

Today's Daily Ghost opinion is another desperate attempt for the editor to curry favour with his my opinion.

Have the heritage lobby perhaps not fully appreciated the extraordinary impact of the ongoing recession?
Do they somehow think we would be willing to sacrifice jobs and investment because they say we should?  They say in today's Opinion.

Has the editor of the Daily Ghost not realised that some of us run businesses in the cultural sector and have aesthetic values and have realised that the trashing of the Pier Head may have created a small number of jobs but the cultural sacrifice is far too great.

While this editor has been employed the world heritage site has been trashed.

Why is he trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public?
 Just look at the state of Mann Island against what was there before.
Mark Thomas seems intent on losing us the WHS status.


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