Friday, 16 December 2011

St Andrews Church Sold To A Convicted Fraudster For A Quid!!!!

Liverpool council have agreed to sell the Grade II-listed St Andrews Church, in Rodney Street, to Nigel Russell’s construction arm, Middle England Developments, for £1. Marc Waddington wrote, for the Daily Post which it says understands some council officers were aware of Mr Russell’s convictions in the USA – which saw him stripped of his right to deal in real estate in South Carolina – but had not informed senior directors until after the deal had been recommended.

Mr Russell said his conviction was “in the past” and he didn’t wish to discuss it. The council’s own rules state that “when determining whether or not the applicant is fit and proper, the council must have regard to certain offences relating to fraud, sexual offences and contraventions of housing or landlord and tenant law”.

Opposition leaders have also raised concerns about claims allegedly being made to investors about Penlake’s operations in the city.

Under the arrangement, investors pay a lump sum of around £48,000 per unit and are guaranteed a £6,000 return in the first year only.
Read the full story here.

Are Liverpool City Council Corrupt?
That is a question I was asked the other day.

Despite promises from Joe "You're Scum" Anderson to protect our heritage, he then gives St Andrews Church away to a convicted fraudster.
Are the company, that paid the quid, members of the  Spiv Lobby Group Downtown Liverpool is another question I was asked the other day.
This post has the history of the church.

This post may or may not contain the history of the deal.
Or even this one.

Well done to Marc Waddington who shows himself as a ray of light in a room of Trinity "smoking" Mirrors here
There is hope at the Ghost yet.

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