Friday, 2 December 2011

Save The Liverpool World Heritage Site.

Yes it has got to that stage now, those that have done the damage are now trying to manipulate the centre ground in the publicity stakes, using all the usual rubbish like cities need to evolve and move, they dont mention the carbuncles. Yesterday it was the Queen who visited the Carbuncle Museum, it was strange watching the black Hearse pass the "Three Black Coffins" at Mann Island.

Phil Redmond met the Queen, as Chairman of Liverpool Museums, oh and Mike McCartney.......isnt there anyone else. He mentions it in his column in the Daily Ghost (at least one reason for closing the paper down).
He says;
ONE of the greatest symbols of our shared heritage, the Monarchy, was on display this week with the Queen opening the Museum of Liverpool before going on to the Liver Buildings and then the Floral Pavilion on the Wirral.

Symbols of past, present and future but a reminder that our real World Heritage Status is simply the region’s shared past, present and future. We should neither rely on, nor be cavalier about, whatever the likes of Unesco think or decide, but we need a balanced view.
It can be no coincidence, even perhaps some comfort, to discover that London Tower is also in danger of joining Dresden in being “struck off”, because of the encroachment of modern development.
Perhaps the real issue, then, is that modern cities will always want to evolve and change, so should Unesco really be trying to classify city centres, no matter how worthy.

Strange that Phil who lives in Tarporly in leafy Cheshire told me pointing to the new museum and Mann Island, during a conversation I was having with Tristram Hunt who wrote an article on Liverpool for the Times.

"They should have built all this on the Wirral, but at least it will fall down in 50 years" 

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