Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Museum of Liverpool-Winner Of The Hugh Casson Award 2011-For Being a Spectacular Botch Up...

 'Piloti' of Private Eye the satirical magazine has for a long time taken an interest in Liverpool. This current issue no 1304 is no exception.
Writing in Nooks and Corners he awards the worst building of 2011 to The Museum of Liverpool.
They told us it was going to be Iconic......and it is, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. click on the picture to expand the article. The squashed ciggy packet has been a complete disaster coming second in BD mags Carbuncle Cup award 2011. They promised us Iconic and give us Ichronic. All this while the now defunct Daily Ghost was telling us how wonderful it was going to be and how it will give life to the Pier Head. Funny that I was down there the other day playing spot the punter, we had to give up for lack of people. Lies, Lies and even more lies they have spun us those ill educated councillors past and present who sold the city out to.....well not even the highest bidder.

Mistakes 'Piloti' mentions a few as did numerous other publications.
We told them they were building a carbuncle, did the corrupted council officials, with their ill defined aesthetics listen, not a chance.
Spooned by Liverpool Vision with its links to the Chamber of Commerce, they, who should have known better, sold us downstream, to a bunch of carpet-bagging Vultures, right under the noses of the lazy public of Liverpool and the Local Press with its bad editors and their business section, Plumping out the true facts, who let their historic skyline be destroyed. English Heritage let it happen while the then Chairman Sir Neil Cossons was working for Liverpool Museums.

A lorra, lorra gaffes alright.......that we have to put up with for the rest of our lives. 

Oh and its happening all over again with Peel Holdings who 'Piloti' calls ".....the sinister Peel Holdings"

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