Thursday, 10 January 2013

What Happened To The Historic Mersey Ferry Bell?

This is a picture taken in 2005 just before plans for the New Museum were passed on The Pier Head. This historic Bell had been around for a long time and was very important at one time to local Mersey navigation. It was under the care of Liverpool Museums who were empowered to keep it in good condition for future generations. They obviously were not doing this by the way they had badly maintained it.
See Picture below showing the rot that had set in. Was David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming, Herr Director of NML, so embroiled in making a name for himself with the new museum, or as we like to call it "Flemings Folly" that he has forgot  to restore it and put it in the new museum. Along with the Manchester Dock Gates that was also vandalised, on the site that they owned............that cost us 750 grand in payments for breached covenants.

Has "Fuzzy Felt" forgot his promises made in writing that the Historic Fog Bell which was rung to help the Mersey Ferries steer their passengers safely to the landing stage in 'Pea Soupers' was to be restored. Some of us old enough to remember, were a common occurrence when Liverpool had a manufacturing base. 
Enquiries should be made as to where this piece of Liverpool history has gone. It cant just have disappeared........can it? 

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