Monday, 28 January 2013

Manchester High Speed Rail Link-The Biggest Threat To Liverpool Since The Manchester Ship Canal.

Why were the local press not fighting against this High Speed Rail link going to Manchester? That would make Liverpool a branch line of Manchester. How have Peel Holdings, Joe Anderson and Louise Ellman got away with this?  Why did they not fight harder for Liverpool? The link should have gone to the Port of Liverpool. One of the reasons this blog was set up was to highlight the lack of foresight to wider issues and one of the first posts we did was a critique of the then Daily Post and Echo, and how they did not report that plans for a 500 million pound planning application had been passed for Port Salford that would enable the owners of the Manchester Ship Canal to circumnavigate Liverpool. The applicants were peel Holdings who look set to lose Liverpool its WHS status. Unesco,  having recently put Liverpool on the World Heritage "In Danger" list.
Taking into account that not only are Peel Holdings intending to blight us with the proposed inaproppriate development, turning...our docks into stagnant frappacino fluff area with 6000 apartments stacked like glass shoeboxes on top of one another. They look set to put the final nail in Liverpools manufacturing coffin by sending any chance of any future industry down the Manchester Ship Canal, to an area that is now setting itself up, to take control of any manufacturing in the North West.....Salford.
Just like its merchants attempted in Victorian times when the Ship Canal was in fact built to bypass us here in Liverpool.
The Ghosts of Dockers Past must be rolling in thier graves, at how this once proud port now looks set to become a suburb of Manchester..........right under the noses of everyone. Why were the powerbrokers not doing anything about it...........Louise Ellman. 

Joe Anderson should hang his head in shame at activly encouraging this to happen.

Joe Anderson invented his certificate on the wall is a PR stunt that enables Peel Holdings to decimate this area and stop any future industry that may wish to come here.

Meanwhile some kid called Joe Thomas at The Liverpool Echo says

THE Government today insisted Liverpool will benefit from the new high-speed rail network – even though the new line will not extend to Merseyside.
Tell you what lets just get Peel Holdings to write it.

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