Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tesco For Dale Street-Every Little Hurts.

They are Tescopolysing the city they now have plans submitted for 57-63 Dale Street in the World Heritage Site. Plans were put forward by the godawful architects Falconer Hall Chester for this site. They may the biggest architect whores in the city. It was a long time ago, in our opinion, that they sold thier souls, to, well not even the highest bidder.............just anyone really.
Our friends at Seven Streets wrote about them when plans that were passed . http://www.sevenstreets.com/city-living/dale-street-scheme-gets-green-light/ they quoted the architects. After a ‘turbulent’ two years in the planning stages, Liverpool architects Falconer Chester Hall have secured approval for a new hotel and retail/car park scheme along Dale Street.

“It’s been a very difficult birth,” Falconer Chester Hall’s Managing Director, Adam Hall told SevenStreets. (They went on writing) Still, with Falconer Chester Hall working on a boutique hotel, Layla – for Iliad, almost directly opposite their 57 Dale Street site (although technically on Sir Thomas Street), maybe Dale Street’s overdue happy ending isn’t so far away after all.

“Not every old building is, by rights, worthy of a stay of execution. You have to look at the overall mix. And we’re confident this development is exactly what this area of town needs,” Hall says, delighted that two years of wrangling has ended in the result he was hoping for.

We bet they’ll be raising a glass in the Vernon Arms tonight, too. Iliad were the vandals who destroyed 6 Sir Thomas Street.

Planning application 13F/0052 for 57-63 Dale Street is to remove conditions laid down in plans 09F/2531 which is to install new shopfront and anti ram-raid bollocks in the WHS.

Will those posh little luvvies who kicked up such a fuss over plans to open a Tesco in Hope Street even blink an eye at this one?
...in the WHS...........we will see.
There didnt seem to be much fuss when the opened one by the Pier Head.

Those Tesco-tearaways are sowing the city up.

Bernie Turner, whatever happened to the mouth, http://liverpoolpreservationtrust.blogspot.co.uk/2009/08/berni-turner-opens-her-big-gob-again.html  used to shop there, despite a lot of fishy business


Is there any Hope



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