Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mann Island Has Structural Problems

There has been a crane permanently at Mann Island for over a year now even though the building is finished. Workers have been getting hoisted up every week.......panels on, panels off. There seems to be a particular problem with the point on the Albert Dock middle building. They told us they were building a quality building and some people even believed them. Here you can see the construction methods consisting of a panel hung on to a rail. The same sort of hanging that the Malmaison just over the other side of the Pier Head at Princes Dock.....where all the panels had to be removed and replaced.  
When will they realise that in this location it needs a good solid structure that will endure the elements and lego style stick-a-brick construction is an accident waiting to happen. Architect Matt Brook of Broadway Malyan not only destroyed the World Heritage Site with his Three Black Coffins. They were built badly. We say he should be struck off for this world heritage disaster that Doreen Jones sanctioned by casting vote at the 2006 planning committee meeting that went to a four against four vote. The Echo even said it was good for the city. To think work started when Liverpool was European Capital of Culture.............It would be hard to make this up.


A panel fell off the Tesco on the facade of the Travelodge opposite with a similar fixing method.

Would you buy one of these flats with your hard earned cash?

 I thought it would be at least 10 years before bits fell off but there you go how wrong can one be.

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