Friday, 25 April 2014

We Have The Tacky Phone Advert On The Town Hall Removed-Is This A Success? Or A Sad State Of Affairs?

It really is a sad state of affairs when you have to educate a Mayor of a City that thinks that a World Heritage Site is just a certificate on the wall in the town hall and not something to be proud of.
That has got Liverpool on the World Heritage "At Risk" Register.
It is even worse when the Town Hall, that is in the World Heritage Site, is a listed building and is in a conservation area, turns into a tacky advertising  hoarding for mobile phones.

It is even worse when the Mayoral Dictator Joe, who was elected with 17% of electorate argues with you about it.
 He tried to bully us with crude comments, that only serve to show how arrogant he is with Liverpool's Heritage sites.
 "Il Duce" Anderson may think he can bully all the usual suspects, but we can tell this Mayor that he will not dictate to us in any way shape or form.
The advert was illegal it did not have planning permission. he has now taken our colleagues advice and had it removed.

So, we should claim a success, but no, it is so bad here in Liverpool, and this only serves to prove that a ex European Capital of Culture has sold out to a Culture of Capital where they sell the facade of the town hall.
We still await some FOI requests which will tell us how much and to whom.
If Joe Anderson wants to sell his own soul he can but he is not selling the Town Hall.

What a disgraceful state of affairs this city has got itself into by electing a Mayor who is more interested in big business and making money for his mates at Frank McKenna's Downtown Liverpool In Business, than safeguarding the cities heritage assetts.
Come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven this character makes him look tame.

It is no wonder he is in Private Eye again.

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