Monday, 14 April 2014

Mersey Muckraker-Digging The Dirt On Liverpool

A new website has started up that could prove to be a grateful addition to all of us that wish to see the corrupted political system be held to account. What chance do we have with Marc Waddington being edited by David Bartlett being edited by Alaistar "Burger and Ships" Machray.
What chance does Joe Public have of understanding the way the Liverpool media works. Those of us who wish to inform the populace of the way the system is being run around the council and its property developing mates hope, It may prove a welcome addition.

Stella Who Lindsay Ashworth and his gal' get Peeled.

It also draws questions about apparantly harmless websites such as Sevenstreets, that are, wrongly,  trusted by Liverpools facebook generation, as Mersey Muckraker puts it SevenStreets are an online culture rag popular amongst Liverpool’s bespectacled hipsters.

It may be worth a further look.

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