Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Lyceum Liverpool-What is its Future?

This is one of Liverpools Architectural Gems, but it is now in  very sad state.
It must be at its worst point of its great history
Built by Thomas Harrison who built Chester Castle most people would not be aware of his place in history.
Thomas Harrison was the architect who advised Lord Elgin that he should build a classical pile and fill it with historical artifacts, and off he went to strip the Elgin Marbles from their rightful home in Greece, who as a country have never forgiven us.

Such was Liverpools prominence that the best architects were flocking here for work.,_Liverpool

Private Eye took an interest recently and if you click on the picture you can read what 'Piloti' in NOOKS AND CORNERS said about our Grand Old Lady.
Just who is keeping Private Eyes so informed?

At one time it had a giant Burger In A Bun as decoration.
We soon had that removed.
Theres Culcha for Yeh La!
The Post Office have been responsible for its upkeep, as they had a lease on the property, even though they had moved out years ago. (No wonder they are in financial trouble)
Now its up for sale at £4.25 million What is its future?

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