Thursday, 3 April 2014

Joe "Il Duce" Anderson Gets Handbagged at Dawn.

Joe Anderson is out of control, we all know this in Liverpool. People are even starting to say that there are surprising similarities with him and other dictators.
 He and his friends at Downtown Liverpool In Business, yes remember them, they are running roughshod over Liverpool's Heritage sites. 

Who links Anderson and all these new found property developers. Where are they coming from? 
How does the The Duce meet them.

Are they all hiding in plain sight?
We ask is The Duce the biggest threat to Liverpool since Herman Goering and the Luftwaffe.

Who's doing his PR and are we being properly informed? 
We are making enquiries and will let you know soon.
DEREK HATTON was responsible for the demolition of Clayton Square to make way for a Wimpey built shopping centre. This was a Georgian Quarter. 
Is history repeating itself with Mr Anderson out of touch and not skilled enough to recognise good architecture. Is Il Duce Trying too hard to facilitate developers.
 But as with all  dictators they get found out in the end.
Its not just us who are finding him out. The condensed thoughts of Correspondent hit the nail on the head.

SO TODAY ANDERSON GETS CLOBBERED In his attempt to control Liverpool Regional Authority.

Today Wirral leaks give us another view on Mr Anderson's over inflated ego. Even though he was only elected with 17% of the lazy electorates votes, he now thinks he can run the whole region. 
That was until he was voted out of the leadership by  other voters on the board who voted in a Wirral based candidate.
It will be reported in the Liverpool Daily Joe formally known as the Liverpool Echo but here is Wirral Leaks view.

David Ward

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