Thursday, 18 October 2012

Langton Dock Pumping Station Amongst The Top 10 Endangered Structures In Britain

Langton Dock pumphouse in Merseyside is one of the buildings at risk of being lost forever, according to the Victorian Society. Photograph: John Hake/Victorian Society

A palatial pumphouse, an immense stone spillway and a London roundabout are among the 10 most threatened Victorian and Edwardian structures in England and Wales, according to a list published on Wednesday.

The list, compiled by the Victorian Society, also includes an abandoned railway station in Derbyshire, an ivy-shrouded mortuary chapel in Salford and the country's first lending library, housed in Swindon's Mechanics Institute – all of which have fallen into a shocking state of disrepair.
The publication follows a widespread appeal to find the best and most at risk buildings in England and Wales, with historians, enthusiasts and local campaigners suggesting endangered structures in their area.
"The public responded enthusiastically to our call for threatened buildings," said Chris Costelloe, director of the Victorian Society. "It shows the public cares – but it also shows there are still too many historic buildings at risk, without recognition or protection."
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So while Peel Holdings are telling us how wonderful it will be to have Liverpool Docks turned into yuppie flats this is the reality, quality buildings going to rack and ruin.
We broughtthis to the attention of HenryOwen-John who passedit over to Graham Ives of the English Heretics who have stood idly by as it slowly gets worse.
It is in Sefton Council juristiction and their conservation officer seems worse than Steve Corbett the bunch of conservation (sic) officers who do nothing at Liverpool Council.


  1. The problem is that is almost inaccessible to normal folk. I'd be happy to do what I can but it isn't really clear what practical suggestions can be made - you aren't going to get much funding or help to help improve a building the general public can't get to.

  2. After some thought it strikes me that we never did get the Mersey Observatory, perhaps the MDHC could be leaned on to move the Pumphouse to the location of the radar tower. Everyone wins.

  3. Langton family letters suggesting building was abandon because