Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Liverpool Football Club Are Responsible for the Decline Of The Anfield Area

It used to be a lovely area in the 60s. Yes it was poor, but the people of Anfield were proud. There was a community spirit in Stanley Park with its boating lake and its huts that were used in the summer holidays to run drafts and chess classes for children.

There used to be a massive clock set in a small raised ground area, made of flowers sponsored by Ogden’s the local tobacco manufacturers. The hands of the clock used to move at 12 pm. People used to gather there for the event on a sunny day.

The poverty was real, parts of the area was a slum area for sure, there were still bombed buildings from the war, but gradually some of the houses around the ground come up for sale. Absentee landlords who had in fact commissioned roads on mass had owned huge swathes. These houses had a lifespan and they needed a refurbishment.

But then Liverpool football club started buying up property in the immediate vicinity to Anfield and boarding them up. In the 70s and 80s they were ruthless in their approach. It was claimed they would just wait for the people to die and then make an offer over the odds that could not be refused. We are talking about seven grand at the time, the same house would sell for between ten and twenty times that price.

While Liverpool’s financial fortunes crested to sums that are beyond the imagination of many of the working class people in the city, the football club watched with no community spirit. Fending off claims with their lawyers from aggrieved citizens who felt helpless, even though the support for Liverpool Football Club was and is in the hearts of these people. BUT NOW SOME SAY........... THIS IS A FIELD..

So while Liverpool FC pay out wages of, it is said, £60,000 a week to some players they spent less than sixty quid on the area that they own until it is to the stage when one can say…………..
It is a disgrace what Liverpool Football club have done to the once proud community of Anfield.

Now Joe Anderson and Co have got together for another press release stating that the city council and Liverpool FC are now to redevelop the area.
How many times have we heard this? At least the stupid plan to build a new stadium on Stanley Park appears to have been scuppered.

So the local journalists many of them to young to recall the empty promises of past years lap it up, and hey presto the area has a positive spin on it.

Two months ago someone daubed, in thick white paint on the gable end of a building in full prominence
JOE ANDERSON IS A TRAITOR………this was removed within the day and was not mentioned in the local press.

So when hearing about another area that is to be errrrrrrr…. regenerated remember that Liverpool Football club speaks with forked tongue and we have heard it all before and the franchise, as the American owners say, is more than that to some people it is their lives their existence.
If the greedy fat cat executives at the football club were made to live there for a week they would soon realise the damage that Liverpool FC along with consecutive council leaders have done to this once proud area.

Some poor unfortunate people of the Anfield area may think and believe regeneration is a matter of life and death...... but to some it is more important than that, its a press release to help their careers.

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