Friday, 5 October 2012

Cllr Malcolm Kennedy Spins Marc Waddington another One...Just Like The Other One.

When are the local hacks going to realise that they are not PR for the council and are not there to make councillors look good with empty promises and PR spin.

This time its Marc Waddingtons turn to make Malcolm Kennedy, Liverpools Regeneration officer (who has not regenerated anything but his own career)  look good, with twaddle about a fifteen year plan to transform Islington.

He says:
LIVERPOOL’S Islington district is in line for a multi-million pound face lift over the next decade.
There are plans to transform up to 1.5m square metres of land with hotels, houses and offices in a bid to revamp one of the main routes into the city.
The council and developer Downing hope that the growing demand for high-quality student accommodation and the need for homes for ‘key workers’ like nurses and doctors will help stimulate the project.

All speculation Mr Waddington, but there you are making the council look as if they are doing good, getting all the (rigged by the council) comments section on the corrupted Echo website wound up, on Downing developments behalf.

He goes on to say: 
The plans, originally conceived in 2005, were shelved in 2007, when it became difficult to raise finance for the scheme because of the credit crunch.
THE plan for the multi-million pound regeneration of Islington was progressing well before it became one of the many development victims of the credit crunch.
(Our understanding is that the credit crunch started in 2008 Marc).
Are the council somehow subsidising Downing?
So is Kennedy Manipulating the press
Or are they all in on it togther
What has Malcolm Kennedy actually done.

So why are we being spoon fed with half thought out ideas by Marc Waddington and co at the Oldham Echo about creating jobs, when they have just put all the Merseymart delivery boys out of a job.
All those old blokes who used to be kept busy with their trolleys, are now down the pub every Thursday and Friday drowning their sorrows with nowhere to go just because they now give it away free in the Echo........... er, hang on......... you have to buy an Echo to get a free paper.

It just gets worse.
Soon you will get a free Post in the Echo and its likely it will be full of he sae old ouncil spin that nobody believes anymore.

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