Thursday, 18 October 2012

John Hinchliffe Liverpool World Heritage Officer Steps Down-Good Riddance.

This is the man who got us on the World Heritage "At Risk" Register, then like a rat jumping ship, he buggers off and take the redundancy money.
You have to question the credibility of a man who has been a complete waste of space. Who has stood idly by while the Pier Head was decimated with modern rubbish and he was paid to defend it all.
Lets hope he can sleep at night.
Where was he when they destroyed Manchester Dock? 
 Nowhere hiding under his desk.
Where was he when they filled in Trafalger Dock?
Same Desk.
Where was he when the plans were passed for the three black slugs at mann Island.
Negotiating with the developers instead of laying down in front of the bulldozers.
On World Heritage matters he had Backbone of a jellyfish, a poodle who liked getting his tummy tickled by the developers.
He was a plant by the previous council administration who as soon as the ink was dry on the WHS inscription set about destroying it.
Lets hope he can sleep at night.

So Uncle JOE ANDERSON Has now removed another  obstacle for Peel Holdings.e

Here is a compilation of some of his worst bits.
He was flown over to Shanghai at the cost f 6 grand to tout the destruction of the WHS

He is a complete waste of space very often working against the public who pay his purse

He was supposed to educate the public but lacked the education or the gumption himself

One thing he was good at was shuffling paper

Pearls before Swine

Was he paid by English Heritage

He was a poodle for Council Leaders with "cosy" developer friends


BUT WHO IS NOW GOING TO REPLACE HIM probably another compliant who will be just as convenient for Peel Holdings.

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