Friday, 24 August 2012

John Whittaker-The Words The Liverpool Echo Wants To Censor.

What is wrong with adding the word Whittaker to an article about a letter sent by John Whittaker about Liverpool Waters the scheme that has put Liverpool on the World Heritage In Danger list. Most people have known its Trinity "Smoking" Mirror with a vested interest but how bad is this when they open up a forum and the censor it. To those in the know, to call this tacky little toerag a paper has always been stretching it but now in the Internet age they are playing all the usual tricks. Remember when they did not print an article about the Duke of Westminster the biggest landowner in the city centre allegedly being named as a £2000 a night "escort" user. It was all over the national papers and not a dicky bird in the Daily Ghost. No wonder it died a slow death because most people knew it had been corrupted. Polluted by the stench of invested interests that should not be allowed in village Liverpool. 
So now you cant mention the name of another property mogul in a weak livered press capsule that is so full of invested interests that it stinks to high water. This is the article try it yourself................try and get past the censors at Trinity Smoking Mirror Groups joke of an online forum.
We were sent this picture and asked to highlight it.
The article by Malcolm Kennedy the great city council regenerators mate David Bartlett and contains a link to a letter probably written by Lindsey Ashworth but signed by John Whittaker.

No wonder nobody buys the garbage that they print and even the free stuff on the Internet is manipulated, what a disgrace. In this day and age the people of Liverpool are far too wise than to let the despicable people who pick their own news dictate to them what they can and cant write. 
And to think this was in response to John Whittaker as head of Peel Holdings being called out in the commons by Jack Straw

A property developer has used "legal subterfuge" to try to force through redevelopment plans for a Lancashire retail park, claims Jack Straw MP.

The Blackburn MP was leading a Commons debate on Peel Holdings' bid to sell a greater variety of goods at Whitebirk, between Blackburn and Accrington.

He said it could "undermine" government plans to rejuvenate town centres.

Here is what the Lancashire Telegraph has to say. click on the links.

In the meantime most Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors, local Editors are out to lunch with Peel Holdings lapping up the dog biscuits discarded at the top table by Joe Anderson and Peels invisible Chinese Investors telling everyone how great they are when they are not.
A disgrace they should be ashamed of themselves in bringing down the name of journalism to a cowardly level.  Here is the full debate because you wont get it in the Echo.


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  1. This is a reply from Neil McDonald at the digital section of Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors in Oldham Hall Street.
    They say that the terms that start with W and end in R such as W*nker get banned how did they know John Whittaker may be called such a term.

    Neil MacDonald NW via
    Sep 6


    Thanks for your email. I'm happy to reassure you there is no policy of censorship or conspiracy at the Echo.

    What happened was a flaw in our comments system, meaning the list of banned words it holds (swear words for instance) was expanded to include others. The word Whittaker was caught up in this, as it begins and ends with the same letters as a not very complimentary noun you might be familiar with!

    This has now been cleared, but should you run into any further instance or innocuous words being refused, let us know.

    Kind regards,