Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Huge Panel Come Off The Travelodge In Liverpools World Heritage Site.

Less than a year after its built and its falling to bits. The Travelodge at the Pier Head. They promised us a landmark building............not a pock marked building and this is what we have a tacky Travelodge with a Tesco. Here is a picture today showing just how well its constructed it now is. Was someone hurt? Did it fly off in the middle of the night? Did they remove it before it injured someone?  Either way its just not good enough for Liverpools World Heritage Site...and its reputation, hang on, do Liverpool planners have a reputation?  Last year the Malmaison had to be reclad when some tilehanger decided to do a dodgy job. Then there was a huge panel that blew off the Unity building, we thought it would last at least 10 years before bits fell off. Oh and the City Loft building that saw a huge 100kg panel blow out. And Peel Holdings are planning Dubai-On-Mersey in the now Unesco World Heritage Site that is on the "In Danger" list.

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