Wednesday, 12 September 2012

English Heritage Lambast Liverpool Council Over Liverpool Waters Planning Application.

Subject: Re: Liverpool Waters, L3 - Application (10O/2424)
Link to Planning Committee Agenda. Liverpool Waters Item 11 last item

This is a document that is important to Liverpool people, here it is buried, slyly, in a big news week when people, quite rightly,  have immense issues such as Justice for the 96 on their minds. The council give 5 days notice to the public to decipher this vast amount of information............They are disgraceful.

Why dont they just give us something that befits Liverpools Heritage status instead of Trafford Park-On-Mersey.

 English Heritage say " In our view the Liverpool WHS and the wider docks present an ideal opportunity for economic, social and environmental gains that could be achieved jointly and simultaneously. Unfortunately It is clear to us that Liverpool Waters has failed to take the opportunity"   What a wasted opportunity its as if the City Council are being manipulated by Peel Holdings.   But when this goes to the Sec of State there can only be one outcome a Public Inquiry and as EH say that their planning Lawyers have advised that they doubt that the conditions are legally sustainable.   The planning committe have the chance to reject documents that EH say maybe illegally drafted documents. But will they?  
You need to read the full document but here are English Heritage conclusions. 

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