Thursday, 13 September 2012

Justice For The 96-It Now Has To Be Seen To Be Done.

A lie gets round the world before the truth has put his trousers on.

                                                                                                         Mark Twain

How they tainted our name as Liverpudlians after the tragic events that unfolded during a football match in Hillsborough, that fateful day when the misery of so many peoples lives, ordinary peoples lives, would be sealed with grief.

After a monumental mistake by the Police Officer in charge to crowd an area of Leppings Lane by wrongly opening a gate, flooding an area of the ground that led to a tunnel that led to death for the 96.

How they lied. People, who should be trusted, lied through their teeth.

Yesterday the vindication began with an apology from the Prime Minister, Sheffield Council and the current Chief Constable who now should start proceedings against all the coppers who altered their statements.

Thatcher should be rolled out in her wheelchair and made to slobber an apology to the families of the 96 and to Liverpool as a whole because we all know it came from the top.

We commiserate with all the families who lost loved ones and all of us who have been traumatised in some way or another over those tragic events of manslaughter on what should have been a happy sporting occasion. We all knew someone or if we didn’t personally we now know those brave people who fought for justice for the 96 and the city as a whole.

They have cleared the name of their families, and our name with their resilience in the wake of tragedy. They are an inspiration to us all.

They did it with no money, against the full force of the State that let us down.

The State that we funded from our taxes to spread lies and cheat its way through a legal process that was floored, with its old boys network of incompetent Judges and Coroners who made up their own rules right under the nose of the government.

The last Labour government and particularly Jack Straw could have re-opened the inquiry and he never.

Trevor Hicks calmly said yesterday “If the State doesn’t bring them to justice, we will”.

He also called the Lying Scum editor of the Sun at the time whose name will not be mentioned here, that spread the lies a “Low Life”

So hopefully this is the beginning of the end for us all, those families will never get over the tragic day, but this will give some of them the first chance for a couple of decades to allow them to say Rest In Peace.

When you hear the words from the hymn that has become Liverpool’s anthem, remember, as you shed a tear, that,

When you walk through a Storm, Hold your head up high,

Those words means so much to us, its an inspiration that helps us through those darkened days when it seems the end is not in sight.

There can never be a golden sky at the end of the storm that was Hillsborough but all we ever wanted was The Truth.

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