Thursday, 22 June 2017

RIBA North Open.........In Liverpool Mann Island Carbuncle.

You couldn't make this up.
The Royal Institute Of British Architects, the revered society and patrons of our architectural in Mann Island.
They start off their tenure with an exhibition of buildings that were never built.
Just look at what one of their architects did to Liverpool's Pier Head.
Yes they are basically the same views you are looking at, but now you cant see the majesty of what was left from Liverpool's Maritime and glorious past because a RIBA architect wrecked the place.

So lets put this in perspective, 
An exhibition of buildings that were never built a building that should never have been built.

Runner up in BD carbuncle cup awards 2012.
 To Peel Holdings Media City, yes Peel Holdings who have got Liverpool on The World Heritage In Danger List.

Matt Brook the so called architect should have been struck off for this monstrosity but now the body that he is north west representative award him by taking space in his creation.

So now when Liverpool's World Heritage Site Status is in ruins RIBA come along and pat one of their members on the back...................If it wasn't so tragic it would be hilarious.
Promoted by the sill editors of The Daily Ghost.....R.I.P and the Liverpool Echo......printed in Oldham, while all the warning signs were there, the educated idiots who edited the papers played follow the leader and unfortunately Fib-Dem Warren Bradley was the leader of the council at the time.

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