Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Liverpool Escapes UNESCO World Heritage Site Deletion-By The Skin Of Its Teeth.

Today in Krakow during the 41st World Heritage Committee meeting we avoided deletion.......for another year. By the skin of our teeth, it was close.
No-one at Unesco it seems, really gives us a hope but on the list we are, for another year.
They have given us one last chance.
Icomos representative was scathing of the State Party with overall responsibility but unable to control Joe Anderson.
Lets round up all the useless suspects. Henry Owen John of Historic England was there.
And surprisingly Malcolm Kennedy in Mayoral chains pretending to be the real Mayor.
Malcolm Kennedy was largely responsible for the Lime Street disaster that saw the Futurist demolished.
Here's one we did earlier. Is Malcolm Kennedy a developers consultant

Heres another one we did earlier.

A statement was read out by Gerry Procter ......who.....a council plant paid for by public funds to make it look like there is support and he is part of the Cabal.

Poland and Philippines delegates really fed up with Liverpool all had given up on Liverpool.
Finland wanted to support us but we really looked like a World Heritage basket case.
 Like a third world country.
The Ivory Coast was removed from In Danger list after working with UNESCO.


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