Monday, 26 October 2015

Littlewoods Edge Lane-Why Is This Still Allowed To Decay?

Littlewoods Edge Lane-The Decay Really Sets In Hard.

There was a scheme to relocate a school in the Littlewoods building in Edge Lane. This is now off. This Art Deco building should have been the site for the new museum of Liverpool, instead of ruining the world heritage site. English Heritage said the area should have been made a conservation area but with Mike Storey as Liverpool Land company top dog it was always going to be spivved to a cosy developer such as Urban Splash. They have now abandoned the idea. It was and still may be owned by the North Vested Interest Development Agency which means that we are watching it decay week by week. When will it fall down.

Now the proposed relocation of a school inside is off with the announcement of huge budget cuts.
Major projects scrapped include the moving of two Church of England secondaries, Sefton Park’s St Hilda’s and city-centre based Archbishop Blanch into the iconic Littlewoods building within Edge Lane’s Innovation Park. The Daily Ghost reports. Incidently theschools involved said they did not want to move.
Previously they had heraded the idea as wonderful claiming the building had been saved.

We did not quite agree.

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