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Joe Anderson Defends His Mates At Neptune Developments Lime Street Plans-But Does He Have The Intellect To Understand Them?

Having a Thickhead for a Mayor is always going to be difficult where our heritage is concerned. Neptune Developments Director used to work for the city council planning department. NEPTUNE ARE THE VANDALS WHO DESTROYED MANN ISLAND WITH THE THREE BLACK COFFINS.Neptunes PR company Archetype Studios who were Aurora Media and October Communications were PR for the fat mans Mayoral campaign. Isn't that a co-incidence or three
So it is no wonder he is in the paper today speaking up for the plans for Lime Street that are an architectural mess.SAVE Britains Heritage are quoting the world heritage site...........better late than never........(where were they when we were being put on the Unesco World Heritage In Danger List)...lets hope they can persuade "Joe Must Go" Anderson that he is talking out of his big backside and there are more important things than looking after his mates when Liverpools Heritage is concerned. 
PREVIOUSLYWill SAVE Britains Heritage Get Lime Street Plans Called In?-We Hope So.

Describing the proposals as “oversized student accommodation and shopping units of bland design”, SAVE have condemned the move to knock down historic buildings like the Futurist to make way for the scheme.
Director Clem Cecil said: “Lime Street is quintessentially Liverpudlian in its great variety and charm. It is in the buffer zone of the World Heritage Site, a status to be proud of. Liverpool is a truly great city: these new plans are not worthy of it.
“As gateway to the city, Lime Street desperately needs repair. As stipulated in the WHS guidelines, it is a matter of working with the historic grain of the street rather than against it. We will be calling on the Secretary of State to intervene to allow the best design solution for this important site.”

The planning application, submitted by Regeneration Liverpool and developers Neptune, was opposed by heritage groups concerned at the loss of buildings including the Futurist cinema, built in 1912.
Experts say the site is in such poor condition it cannot be saved, with local campaign group Save the Futurist accepting this with a “heavy heart” ahead of the planning committee’s decision.
Neptune have committed to working with Save the Futurist to ensure the new-look street celebrates Lime Street’s cinematic past - with panels etched with designs to mark this among their plans.
While their argument does not focus only on the Futurist, SAVE believe the building should be repaired instead of being replaced. President Marcus Binney said: “The years before the First World War were a golden age of architecture in Liverpool.
“This section of Lime Street leading directly into the World Heritage site is especially rich with the riotously ornate Vines Pub of 1907 and grandly baroque Futurist Cinema. Built as the City Picture House in 1912 this is the incunabula of Cinema Architecture and must be saved.”
SAVE are requesting the call-in because they believe the site is of national and international significance, the proposals conflict with planning policies, they will have significant effects beyond their immediate locality and raise architectural and urban design issues.

If a planning application is called-in it leads to a public inquiry. Recommendations over the plans are then made to the Secretary of State, who takes the final decision.
The Lime Street plans include a 101-room hotel and 412 student accommodation complex. Neptune revised the plans after critical feedback of its original designs, with Joe Anderson praising the new-look proposal and suggesting it would have a “vibrant and exciting” impact on the area.

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