Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Architect Whores-Falconer Chester Hall Blasted Again. Over Another Baltic Abortion.

Why does the company Falconer Chester hall continue to sell itself out to any dodgy property developer that will pay it?
There was a time when architectural training meant that people respected the profession.
Not any more.
Architectural whore is a term not used lightly. Some awful work has vandalised Liverpool by this company of recent dates. Do they care.
 Shame on you all.
One would have thought that its not a good reputation to have, that of being able to knock any old crap through the planning process, attracting eany dodgy builder to their door. Or is that what they want?.
Plans for an architectural abortion in Brick street by this awful company that we consider a disgrace to their profession, have been passed by the planning committee on the recommendation of the Chairman John Macintosh, who it was rumoured was placed there by Joe "Il Duce" Anderson.
He is not the brain of Britain we wonder who on the planning committee would know a decent piece of architecture if it fell on them.
Anyway its a few bob extra for Macintosh as he doesn't our expense.

Last week the same architect whores put forward plans to obscure the listed Heaps Rice Mill.
It is the blind leading the blind into a architectural Baltic Abortion and all those at Baltic Creative should do something about it including David Lloyd of Seven Streets who are based there before its too late.


  1. (in the newspaper article) The picture has no relevance to the article - the article unless I have misunderstood is about marybone off dale street whereas the picture is in the Baltic triangle - the other side of town to marybone, although there are student blocks in both. brick street and norfolk street are not in marybone

  2. Typical Echo wrong picture showing Brick Street
    But the sentiment is still the same because at the same planning meeting plans were passed for Baltic by Falconer Chester Hall who are heavily involved in plans for Baltic. part of this story was printed elsewhere in the chip paper.
    Just like they got the wrong plans saying plans were passed for Heaps Rice Mill.