Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tony McDonough Of The Liverpool Echo. Is He Peels Poodle?.

Another Advertorial for Peel Holdings from Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors of Oldham Hall Street.
Again from Tony MacDonut.
He seems to be a lap dog for Peel Holdings printing, in our opinion whatever they say.......without scrutiny or balance.
The whole article says nothing, repeats all the past promises, but it is dressed up as a good news story for MacNuts mates at Peel.
Four years after plans for Liverpool Waters, and even longer for Wirral Waters were passed, not a brick has been laid.
 Not a mention of the twenty thousand jobs that Peel said they would create.
 Just how they will do this while hiding the fact that Peel are now trying to offload the land to any dodgy Chinese investor with a few bob. Cash in their assets.

Not a mention of Ashworth's very own China Girl, Stella Shiu being exposed in Private Eye or the FT.
Shame on you McDonough.
MacDonut is blind to the facts, too intent on falling over himself backwards to be in with Peel, that he kids the public with maybe's.
There are better journalists than him, in our opinion, at The Merseymart...oh, thats now owned by Trinity "Smoking" Mirror. They will probably use the same article in the Bootle Times, such is the lack of quality.

There are so many of the so called journalists moonlighting as PR consultants that you have to ask are some the staff  of The Liverpool Echo being paid twice.
 Once from the phone hacking Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group and  then again from the company that they are PR-ing for?
The Liverpool Echo
It really has sunk to an all time low.
Now we are not saying that they always take the cash for little moonlighting jobs, but maybe a little freebie or two, a little bit of entertaining or three.
We do have knowledge of this. watch this space.
 If it does not stop Machrays superiors will be informed.
Because as the editor, he lets it go on.
Most of them are doing it. It becomes the norm.

Look at recent PR-ing for Lawrence Kenwright and his wife Katie of Signature Living.
Did she work for the Echo once?
Here is what Private Eye wrote.

But Alastair Machray the disrespectful editor of the Liverpool Echo, completely ignored this and spoon fed the public with more tripe ignoring the facts about Kenwright being banned as a company director.
Its a tale of two cities. 
The one that the Echo journalists live in, and the real world.
 Its about time they changed sides before they have no readers left.

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    And guess what today Peter Elson, Kenwrights very own poodle does a PR job for them.
    He should know better than promoting this sort of rubbish to one of Liverpools Historic structures.

    Shame on you Peter Elson a disgrace to your preofession.