Sunday, 14 September 2014

Edge Hill Station Tunnel Road, Historic Workers Cottages Demolished Overnight.

The most historic station in the world Edge hill. Where Stevenson's Rocket passed on that historic day that changed the world.
 There has been a station here since 1830.
Possibly the first in the world. and the numskulls, overnight, demolish a series of unique railway cottages that should have been listed.
Only in Liverpool


  1. The two pictures 'before and after' are actually just the same picture from a different angle

  2. The Edge Hill station shown in the video was only built in 1836 so it is not the oldest. The original station was further to the south-west near Crown Street. I wish people would not make errors like that, its almost like reading the Echo. Shame about the cottages though.

  3. looks like I have put my wrong anorak on. I should have wore the one with the hood on so I can hide my face!!!!!!!!!!