Thursday, 10 July 2014

Save Heaps Rice Mill-From Mayor Joe Anderson's Money Motivated Leadership.

A petition has been set up to save Heaps Rice Mill.
No wonder we are on the Unesco WORLD HERITAGE IN DANGER LIST.
Joe Anderson wants investment, but at what risk to Liverpool's historic past, we at LPT consider that Joe Anderson neither has the desire or the intelligence to work out that if you lose your past you end up with a homogonised landscape and that Liverpool's must rely on its historic links.
Our history is the reason we are a Mercantile and Maritime World Heritage Site.
While Joe Anderson is, courting, and being courted by his new found property developing mates, he should stop and think about the damage that is being done to Liverpool's Historic past.
He should intervene and stop this demolition.
 Is he trying to lose us World Heritage Site status.
We at LPT consider he neither has the will or the intellect to understand the damage a Labour council is doing and not since the overnight bulldozing of Clayton square, at the time conservation area, has Liverpools heritage been at such risk from a Labour Council.
While closing care homes and libraries he is spending fortunes to assist his property developing mates at Downtown Liverpool.
Come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven.
Strange that, he is back, setting up an office in the Tithebarn Street isn't that a  co-incidence.

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    how embarrasing is that