Monday, 28 July 2014

Liverpool International Festival for Business. State Sponsored Vandalism to Scum The Baltic Triangle.

Liverpool's International Festival for Business was hailed as a massive success focusing attention on Liverpool in a positive way.
But why did they sponsor the godawful graffiti fest that called itself Markit?
Sponsoring the Baltic Creative.....who are not really that creative, to scum the Baltic Triangle for a jolly weekend that was, well rubbish really.

Here's what the IFB website says.

MARK-IT presents Liverpool’s first Street Art Festival, bringing you the best of local, national and international Street Art. MARK-IT will turn the streets of the Baltic Triangle into an outdoor gallery filled with all sorts of delights : giant paper animals meandering through the streets, elevated bicycles of concrete and iron, splashes of animatedgloriousness, corridors of woolly colour, dancers in shadow and tiny performers singing songs of love and loss in the cracks and crannies of our metropolis. Investigate the world of the Hidden City this June and see the streets as never before!    

It has now become apparent that the City Council is sponsoring this area to be scummed by a bunch of no-mark spray can merchants.
At least one artist showed irony and sprayed F**K  THE IFB

The Brothers Grimm, The Dusanj Brothers were given the go-ahead to trash the Cains stables.

 Wayne bumped into one of the Dusanj brothers, the one with the Cai-ins private Registration number, so he is obviously recognised.
What are you doing he was asked as he was surveying the spray can merchant work like a proud father.
"Its alright its coming down"
"Have you not got any respect"
"Its not listed" He said
"Not yet its not, you are one of the Dusanj Brothers?
"Yes" he replied confidently
"Not only have you got no respect for all the people you made redundant by text, you also have no respect for architecture. You should be ashamed of yourself" 
He hung his head as if it had got to him and he slithered away to his car with its now worthless private reg, because Cains does not exist. He got back in his car and drove away.   

Anyway the week after the Victoria Monument in Derby square was vandalised by, what appears to be the young scruffy goths that hang out there.
 Young people are easily led so while Liverpool City council are proclaiming 
"Come and down and scum the Baltic triangle, don't worry we will even sponsor it"  
Some may get the wrong idea and think well its alright and this is the rather crude result of a mistaken idea. Is this evidence that STATE SPONSORED VANDALISM does not work.
They removed the graffiti on this Grade II listed monument with a high pressure hose, potentially doing more damage than the dim long haired Emo lookalike that had the can in his hand.

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