Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Save Heaps Rice Mill-Its Too Good To Be Demolished.

How many more historic structures can the city lose. laying there like a ghost of its former self, a working mill up to 1988, the owners of Heaps Rice Mill have let it decline.
It has recently sprouted a roof garden. Now they are to do us all a favour and demolish it.
Plans have recently been submitted to down it and make way for some bland shoeboxes.
Liverpool lost 46 listed buildings under the Fib-Dems led by Mike Storey and Warren "War Zones" Bradley.
How long can this go on.
Liverpool today is prostrated before the Unesco World Heritage committee who are meeting in Doha, Qatar. Where we are promising them we know how to manage a World Heritage Site.
Liverpool is on the Unesco World Heritage In Danger List.
We thought Heaps was listed, which is why it is still standing while all around it has become bland. This area was once, as recently as the 80's home to many small businesses (most of which were owned by Sir Trevor Jones and his Moll Doreen).
Windsor developments were Clever Trevor's Partners In Crime. They crawled all over this part of Town. The Ships chandlers that he and Dot demolished after a application to list it was made was Liverpool's last. The same site is now owned by Neptune Developments.
Greenbergs Outfitters was also demolished, and is now a car park.
So who is going to put up a fight to save this historic structure, who cares?
Lets hope there is such a swell of feeling that the building can be spotlisted and Joe Andersons developer mates can be sent packing. 

Larry Neild and Co at the Liverpool Echo wrote at the time


After it made Private Eye.

October Communications now Aurora Media or is it Archetype Studios were the PR for Windsor Developments.

All this while Trevor and Doreen "Partners in Slime" lived next door to the Duke of Westminister.

So who is watching whats going on with Liverpools Historic past. Certainly not Steve Corbett or Chris Griffiths at the now none existant Liverpool Conservation office.


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