Thursday, 26 June 2014

Brewery Village-Liverpool's Shame.

Dusanj texted the employees and told them that they had no money to pay redundancy to them and they were left high and dry.
They now want to breath life into the area that they killed.
Liverpool Confidential today writes with a press release from their PR company.
Mr Maghazachi said: “From the outset we have seen this project as the logical next step in the evolution of the Baltic area. We need attractions and activity that will radically increase footfall and help the area to grow and develop. The idea of an independent retail bazaar on a real city scale is the obvious solution.” 
Archetype Studios or is it Aurora Media of Liverpool are the PR company who in our opinion  have sold out all of their remaining principles to work for the Dusanj Brothers, they say to bring new life into the area after all the staff of Cains were sacked.
Shame on you at Archetype Studios or is it Aurora Media, for now working for the people who have no respect for their employees.  
All the equipment has now been removed.
Cains is Dead and all the staff are redundant and now they want to breathe life into the area. You couldn't make this up.
 Aurora media may have been employed by Joe Anderson the property developers friend who yesterday won an award while closing libraries.

This article was recently published on a local blog.
 This post  explains the relationship between Anderson and Aurora Media..
Showing invoices between the two.
We hope the Labour council are not behind this development and are currently looking into all the angles.

But that's all in the past for Cains Director Sughadara Dusanj: “We are really excited by this project," he said.
"They have done their homework and assembled an experienced team who understand how to deliver this sort of attraction. It will be a massive boost to this area and underscore its reputation as Liverpool’s happening neighbourhood.” 
Last month, plans were revealed for another Sunday market at Pall Mall car park to the north of the Pier Head. But at the time, Liverpool City Council told Confidential that it might face opposition. Under the city’s historic King John charter rights, nobody can establish a market within 6.66 miles of the nearest city council operated or licensed market/car boot sale without a markets licence. Currently the council runs all of the city's markets with partner Geraud. 
Nevertheless, Baltic Yards Ltd says is now in discussion with Liverpool City Council planners and has been liaising with local organisations including the Baltic CIC stakeholder group. 
A spokesman for Baltic Yards told Confidential: “This is not being pitched as a market or even as competition to Geraud’s markets, but we appreciate it is an issue.” 
He added that the company is hopeful of securing planning permission before the end of the summer and be open for business in September-October. 

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Here is one of the Dusanj driving his car with the Private reg Cains which he will now have to change. any suggestions what he may choose. 

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